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Central European Haflinger Championship

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Czech Haflinger Association is for the 2020 organising an international Haflinger event including Sport Championship. This event will take place on 24 - 26 July in Vrchovany and is open to all Haflinger breeders and lovers from all around the Europe, especially from neighbouring and close countries (Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland etc.). So please, save the date and come with your horses to the Czech Republic! 

Dates: 24 - 26 July 2020 (Friday – Sunday)

Place: Vrchovany 

Rules and Registrations:

ikona souboruRegulation - Championship 2020

ikona souboruRegistration - Championship 2020

International Haflinger Championship 2019:

ikona souboru1-Haf19-drez4U.pdf
ikona souboru2-Haf19-drezDD.pdf
ikona souboru3-Haf19-drezZ1.pdf
ikona souboru4-Haf19-skokZZ.pdf
ikona souboru5-Haf19-skokZM.pdf
ikona souboru7-Haf19-skokZZ.pdf
ikona souboru8-Haf19-skokZM.pdf
ikona souboru10-Haf19-drezDJ.pdf
ikona souboru11-Haf19-mili-1den.pdf
ikona souboru11-Haf19-mili-2den.pdf
ikona souboru11-Haf19-mili-celkem.pdf
ikona souboru11-Haf19-mili-drezura.pdf
ikona souboru13-Haf19-dreSampMlady.pdf
ikona souboru14-Haf19-dreSampStarsi.pdf
ikona souboru15-Haf19-finaleDo5.pdf
ikona souboru16-Haf19-finale6.pdf

Haflinger Show (Saturday)

· grass area

· international judges nominated by the WHBSF

· preliminary classes: stallions, 1 years old mares/stallions, 2 years old mares/stallions, 3 - 4 years old mares, 5 – 6 year old mares, 7 years and older mares, geldings

Championship (Friday – Sunday)

· sand and grass area

· Czech national judges

· dressage, show jumping, eventing, driving (cross-country obstacle test), riding games for children

ikona souboruInformation for participants
ikona souboruPreliminary timetable

ikona souboruOrganisational Information - version 17 June
ikona souboruDressage Test CN1/14
ikona souboruDressage Test Z1

ikona souboruAccommodation possibilities

ikona souboruRegistration Show

ikona souboruRegistration Sport

All detailed information will be published in attachments.

Central European Haflinger Championship 2017

The results of the Central European Haflinger Championship in Pardubice
Photogallery of Věra Marková from Pardubice
Photogallery of Veronika Bechová from Pardubice
Photogallery of Aneta Novotná from Pardubice
Photogallery of Míša Guňková
Videos of all disciplines and the show
Videoreport on
Document from the event

Final results:

Preliminary Starting Lists:

ikona souboruPreliminary Starting List - Dressage
ikona souboruPreliminary Starting List - Jumping
ikona souboruPreliminary Starting List - Eventing
ikona souboruPreliminary Starting List - Driving

Rules and Registrations:

ikona souboruRules - Show
ikona souboruRegistration - Show

ikona souboruRules - Sport
ikona souboruRegistration - Sport

ikona souboruVeterinary conditions

Dressage Tests - Dressage:

ikona souboruDressage Test FEI 2016 Children Preliminary Competition A
ikona souboruDressage Test FEI 2016 Children Preliminary Competition B
ikona souboruDressage Test ČJF/2016 L0
ikona souboruDressage Test FEI 2016 Children Team Competition

Dressage Tests - Eventing:

ikona souboruDressage Test CN2/2014
ikona souboruDressage Test CN4/2014

Other information for participants:

ikona souboruOrganisational Information
ikona souboruTimetable
ikona souboruAccommodation possibilities

Other documents will be added during May and June.

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